“The whole concept of YARN is great because it’s so simple. To be able to get together and just have a ‘yarn’ about what it means to be an Indigenous Australian in an open and friendly environment was an amazing experience. It gave us the chance to connect with each other, and feel as though we had something to contribute. The Indigenous history of this country is so rich and deep - there is no end to what we can learn from each other just by listening and sharing”

Jack, Nic, & Dan - Son’s of the East

(Folk Band from the Northern Beaches of Sydney)
— www.sonsoftheeast.com


“Through the art of understanding culture we can empower all Australians to find their voice in shaping our nation’s future, one we can all be part of, and one we can all be proud of.” Warren Roberts, founder of YARN Australia

YARN Australia is a social enterprise focused on creating relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and non-Indigenous Australians by intentionally connecting with individuals, communities, schools and organisations across the country.

We create spaces that support the cultural diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

We facilitate storytelling that articulates different perspectives and supports our ability to understand each other’s experiences.

We find ways to build cross-cultural relationships by emphasising the need for a deep understanding of effective communication.

Our aim is to empower people with confidence to overcome commonly perceived cultural barriers and give them tools to be able to handle challenging conversations and cultural complexities.

Since 1788 different cultures have been finding ways to coexist in Australia. We acknowledge that this history can be tough, upsetting, and confronting, which is why all our conversations, collaborations, workshops and events begin with developing safe environments of mutual respect and understanding.