YARN Australia is a Sydney based Aboriginal not-for-profit Organisation.  

We engage in conversations in diverse ways in Metropolitan Sydney through our Corporate, Community, University, Schools, and Sixty Thousand Arts & Digital Program. Also across Australia with our Connecting to Country Programs.

 Since 1788 different cultures have been finding ways to co-exist in Australia. We acknowledge that this history can be tough, upsetting, and confronting which is why our conversations, workshops and events always begin with developing safe environments for mutual respect and understanding to establish an open and respectful dialogue.  

Creating safe spaces for unique conversations and experiences. 

“To yarn is not simply to have an idle conversation, to yarn is to do something a bit deeper than that and to tell a long story and a long story which often lies imprinted in someone’s mind and their memory. I think you’ve captured therefore the spirit of your organisation well in the word you have chosen to describe it”

Former Prime Minister of Australia The Hon. Kevin Rudd YARN Patron

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